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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Austin Diving Opportunities!!!

A new diving program being run by one of McNeil's finest alumni divers, Lea Schmeisser.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

McNeil Swim & Dive Booster Club Meeting 4-2-18 7 p.m.

Attendees:  Coach Foss, Coach Price, H. Freeman, A. Vaughn, M. Harris, D. Trevino, E. Buchanan,
D. Hess, N. Seifert

!. Water polo, season update per Coach Price.
  Financial overview
  Upcoming  Regional tournament discussed. 

2. Swim  
    Banquet updates.  Timeline and logistics discussed.  
    Booster club officer positions discussed for 2018-2019.  Coach Foss will send out group email to encourage any interested  parent to submit their name for a position to him .  Discussion of nomination committee and protocol.

8:22 p.m. meeting adjourned. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

McNeil Swim and Dive Booster Club Meeting 3-3-18


Attendees:  Coach Foss, Coach Carter, D. Hess, M. Harris, N. Bibb, D. Trevino, J. Hancock, E. Buchanan, E. Crowley, K. Mashburn, A. Vaughn, H. Freeman, N. Seifert 

1.  Water Polo
Introduction to Coach Price , remind101 communication, costs discussed, fees for tournaments and ball purchases. First tournament this Friday, March 9,  2 games.  Booster club formation essentials. 
Sub account noted. 

2.  Banquet details discussed.  

3.  Goal setting meetings completed. 

4.  UIL officials -$50 testing fee - compensation. 
- discussed embroidered polo shirts for officials.   

6:50 p.m. meeting adjourned 

Friday, February 23, 2018

McNeil Swimming & Diving Tryouts for 2018-2019 Season

All interested McNeil HS Swimming & Diving prospects, this year's tryouts will be...

Monday, July 16th AND Tuesday, July 17th
9:00 am - 12:00 pm (both days)

Waterloo Swim Center
12332 N. FM 620 North
Austin, TX 78750

***Please be early in order to complete information forms, confirm physical evaluation clearance, turn in grades, AND give yourself a good warm-up before tryout begins promptly at 9 AM***


1. Physical examination by a doctor on RRISD form(see below link),%20Physical%20Education/Sports%20Physicals/RRISD_Physical.pdf
If you got your physical through McNeil HS you still have to bring a copy of the physical to tryouts. NO PHYSICAL = NO TRYOUT!...NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

2. COPY of most recent report card(new swimmers only)

3. Swimming apparel and equipment(goggles, suit, cap, etc.)
     - Divers should expect to attend Monday's session only.  I only need contact information for you and your parents as well as contact information for the club and coach in which you train(divers must be trained by a licensed diving coach outside of RRISD).  You will not be required to dive at tryouts.

4. Running apparel(shoes, shirt, shorts, etc.)(we will run first)

5. Phone number(parent's AND swimmer's)

6. Email Address(parent's AND swimmer's)

Here at McNeil HS Swimming & Diving we are looking for talented, experienced, and committed team members that are interested in continuing a tradition of successful competitiveness, school/team spirit, and camaraderie among all team members. We look forward to welcoming such individuals to this year's tryout experience.

For ANY questions and concerns:

Johnny Foss
McNeil Swimming & Diving Head Coach

Thank you, good luck, and see you at the pool!


McNeil Swim & Dive Booster Club Meeting 2-12-18

6 pm
Coach Carter, Coach Foss, A. Vaughn, D. Hess, J. Estes, D.Beier, N. Bibb, J. Moran, E. Crowley, D. Trevino, B. Gavin, H. Freeman, E. Buchanan, K. Mashburn, M. Harris, N. Seifert

1. Cameron Katzman advances to State!
16 timers and 2 photographers will go on Friday.  Leave school around 1200, bring money for lunch.  Prelims begin at 3:30p.m.
UIL on line streaming (
T -Shirts for Rylie to wear at State provided by an anonymous donor in support of family
Also, state shirts  (with "frocket" request per Cameron K. )

2. Banquet  Wed., April 11 6-9pm ( hopefully!) 
at Avery Ranch 

3. Goal for 100% participation in Booster Club 

4. Scrapbooks -H. Freeman will be sending emails

5.  Waterpolo to be addressed further

6:40 meeting adjourned.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

McNeil Swim & Dive Booster Club Meeting Minutes 01-08-2018

McNeil Swim & Dive Booster Club Meeting Minutes
01-08-2018  6p.m.
Coach Foss, Coach Carter, D. Hess, M. Harris, D. Trevino, K. Shomper, A. Vaughn, H. Freeman, M. Pitkanen, B. Gavin, N. Bibb, E.Buchanan, J. Estes, N. Seifert

1.  Financial report reviewed.

2.  District dinner
1-25-18,  graciously hosted by the Scrugg's family  ( A.  Vaughn will post food  sign up with address.)

3.  1-26-18
District Meet,  top 8 score, top 6 move to on Regions.

4. Regional Meet  , Rockwell pool, Lewisville.Tx , 2-2 thru 2-3.  Will leave Thurs. 2-1 for Lewisville. 
Not all travel, will send some alternates for relays. 
$7/meal provided for athletes. 

5.  2 from each region move on to State Meet plus 16 "call up's".  McNeil will provide 16 timers for State Meet for Day 1.  ( based on  grades and parent approval. )

6.  Team banquet discussed in regard to possible places and dates-  most likely in April on a week day.

7.  Practices will remain the same until Regional  meet, then A day study hall, B. day off. 

8. Water Polo -B. days 

Meeting adjourned -6:38 p.m. 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

McNeil Swim & Dive Booster Club meeting minutes 12-04-2017

McNeil Swim & Dive Booster Club meeting minutes 12-04-2017 6 p.m.

Attendees:  Coach Foss, Coach Carter, K. Mashburn, D. Trevino, M. Harris, D. Hess, A. Vaughn, J. Moran, J. Estes, E. Buchanan, E. Crowley, A. Frey, A. Scruggs, H. Freeman, N. Seifert

1.  Exam week:  need to keep grades up or will not be able to swim meets for the rest of the season!

Mon. practice
Wed swim exam
Fri : winter training begins7 -10 a.m. 

2  . Winter Training
12-22, 12-28. 12-29  hopefully will "earn" Monday off
1-2 thru 1-5

Winter training breakfasts!
Amy V. will send out sign up soon. 
3 days booster club pays for entrees

3.  Temple Meet 1-6 2018  An all day activity

4.  Swim a thon shirts 

5.  Team Flag discussion
6..  Districts 1-19-2018  Entire team  will go to district meet even if not swimming & if academically eligible. 
Next  Booster club meeting Monday  01-08 
District dinner Jan. 18

Meeting adjourned:  6:40