Tuesday, May 23, 2017

McNeil Swimming & Diving Tryouts for 2017-2018 Season

All interested McNeil HS Swimming & Diving prospects, this year's tryouts will be...

Monday, July 17th AND Tuesday, July 18th
9:00 am - 12:00 pm (both days)

Waterloo Swim Center
12332 N. FM 620 North
Austin, TX 78750

***Please be early in order to complete information forms, confirm physical evaluation clearance, turn in grades, AND give yourself a good warm-up before tryout begins promptly at 9 AM***


1. Physical examination by a doctor on RRISD form(see below link)
If you got your physical through McNeil HS you still have to bring a copy of the physical to tryouts. NO PHYSICAL = NO TRYOUT!...NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

2. COPY of most recent report card(new swimmers only)

3. Swimming apparel and equipment(goggles, suit, cap, etc.)
     - Divers should expect to attend Monday's session only.  I only need contact information for you and your parents as well as contact information for the club and coach in which you train(divers must be trained by a licensed diving coach outside of RRISD).  You will not be required to dive at tryouts.

4. Running apparel(shoes, shirt, shorts, etc.)(we will run first)

5. Phone number(parent's AND swimmer's)

6. Email Address(parent's AND swimmer's)

Here at McNeil HS Swimming & Diving we are looking for talented, experienced, and committed team members that are interested in continuing a tradition of successful competitiveness, school/team spirit, and camaraderie among all team members. We look forward to welcoming such individuals to this year's tryout experience.

For ANY questions and concerns:

Johnny Foss
Swimming & Diving Head Coach

Thank you, good luck, and see you at the pool!

Monday, May 22, 2017

McNeil Swimming & Diving Banquet Video - 2016-2017

McNeil Swimming & Diving Banquet Video 2014-2015!!!

Talented Maverick - Tabitha Harris!!!

Tabitha is performing her rendition of "Rise UP", a motivational song used by our team during the season.  We are SO proud to have such talented kids in our program.  Way to go  Tabitha!

Monday, May 15, 2017

McNeil Swim & Dive Booster Club Meeting Minutes - May 2017

McNeil Swim & Dive Booster Club Meeting
05-01-2017 8pm Creekside Pool

Attendees: Coach Foss, L.Sullivan, A. Bogusch,  D. Youngman, D. Trevino, A. Vaughn, M, Harris, H. Freeman, N. Seifert
Agenda:  Financial status reviewed and handed off. 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

McNeil Swim & Dive Booster Club meeting . 03-06-2017

McNeil Swim & Dive Booster Club meeting . 03-06-2017

Attendees: Coach Foss, Coach Carter, A. Vaughn, J. Hancock, D. Hess, M. Harris, A. Bogusch, C. Marvin, H. Freeman, D. Youngmann, D. Trevino, W. Bibb

Budget in good standing 
estimated  cost of banquet $2500.  Booster club will pay for each swimmer's meal; other family members cost $18.00 per person. 
Mrs. Bogusch needs to know where seniors are going to college before banquet to create senior displays. 

Responsibilities for banquet:
Corinne and Kara will take care of
1. Cakes
2. Decorations
3. Centerpieces for the tables.
D'Anna will get balloons
D'Anna & Debbie will take care of greeting/ check in table.

Ticket info will be sent out after spring break. Flyer will have tear off that can be returned to pre-purchase tickets and provide head count of how many are coming.  Tickets must be bought in advance, no ticket sales at door. All attending will check in and have name on list to receive a ticket for food. If no food is desired, people can come watch for free, but that number needs to be included in head count in advance so there are appropriate number of seats. 

Parents of seniors are encouraged to attend next Booster meeting (April 3rd) so that they can stay after a few minutes to ensure all plans are accounted for. 

Water Polo tryouts this Thur. -20 will make the team
First tournament this Friday 03/10/17 at Micki Krebsbach pool
Girls: Fri 5;45 p.m. Sat. 8:00 a..m. 
Boys: Sat.  8:45a.m. & 1:15 p,m, 

Bond proposition 3 - Natatorim included!

Scrapbooks under construction

Meeting adjourned 6:50

Friday, February 10, 2017

McNeil Swimming & Diving Booster Club Meeting

McNeil Swim & Dive Booster Club Meeting 2/06/2017  6pm.

Attendees: Coach Foss, Coach Carter, L. Sullivan, A. Vaughn, M. Harris, J. Hancock, C. Marvin, D. Trevino, K. Shomper, A. Bogusch, D. Youngman, N. Seifert

1.  State Meet 2/17 &2/18 ( Hint : line starts 2hours before meet begins, doors open 1 hour before meet starts at 10:00 am. )
STATE x8 qualifiers!!
16 Mcneil students -timers first come with parents permission, UIL feeds students & timers
Fri prelims 24
Sat. finals 16
Discussed shirst, colors, state breakfast or dinner; "bags" for state. Kids will sign" State Banner"

2. Pictures needed soon to begin scrapbooks!  Discussed having a photographer on deck for State. 

3. Banquet Thur., April 13,  6-9pm.  Avery Ranch 

4.  Water polo tryouts probably before spring break - will look into after State over. 

Meeting adjourned. 6;50 p.m.